"America’s Premier Puzzlemaster"
World Almanac

Don is one of the world’s leading authorities on games and puzzles. His uniquely original work has been featured in virtually every medium: newspapers and magazines, CD-ROMs, books, motion pictures, video games, handheld devices, board games, television and the Web.

“Pausing at one of Rubin’s eye-catching brainteasers is the first step to total addiction.”

Games Magazine

Prior to forming an independent game consultancy, Don created and produced The Real Puzzle,” an award-winning weekly column of visual games that appeared in half of the largest newspapers in the United States, more than 300 publications, including the Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Houston Chronicle, Detroit Free Press, Cleveland Plain-Dealer and San Jose Mercury News.

“Maddeningly ingenious!”

Washington Post

Distributed by United Feature Syndicate, the Puzzle entertained (and often obsessed) more than 15 million readers per week in 20 countries, establishing records for response that remain unprecedented in newspaper history. More than a million readers mailed in solutions annually - the volume so overwhelming that the US Post Office in Chicago gave Don his own ZIP code.

“State-of-the-art puzzles of all types, involving pictures, words, logic and math. The emphasis here is on popular culture—movies, books, television, etc.— a previously unused puzzle vocabulary.”
Will Shortz
New York Times crossword editor

Each of his more than 600 creations is unique, including puzzles about street signs, eye charts, logos, bottle caps, locksmithing, license plates, skyscrapers, auto parts, bar codes, theater marquees, aircraft, sea shells, cash registers, moustaches, spaghetti products, elevators…almost everything imaginable.

“Mental quicksand”
Chicago Sun-Times

Here are just a few examples:


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